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Block Library Add / Update Links Colour by Spec Status Colour by Block Version Reset Colour Drawing Check Export Quantities Redefine Superseded Blocks from the Specs & Standards Website Redefine Selected Blocks from the Specs & Standards Website Redefine Blocks with Drawings in a Local Folder Apply a Set of Standard Parameters to Blocks Create a JPEG Thumbnail Image Help Display the IconCAD Version Number IconCAD Add-In for AutoCADŽ

Each of the individual routines that go to make up the IconCAD AutoCAD Add-In are individually versioned as part of any update and have corresponding version numbers, such as v1.02, assigned to them. These version numbers are summed into a 'System Version' number for example v20.49. This can be used to determine which version of the IconCAD Add-In is installed on a particular computer.

Detailed Functionality

The routine will display a list of all routines with their version number and date. At the end of the list the system version number will be displayed:

Block Library - v2.30 20/07/2016
Add / Update Links - v1.19 14/07/16
Colour by Spec Status - v1.12 21/06/16
Colour by Block Version - v1.11 14/07/16
Reset Colour - v1.10 29/06/16
Drawing Check - v1.10 10/06/16
Export Quantities - v1.01 20/06/14
Redefine Superseded Blocks - v1.13 21/06/16
Redefine Blocks From Disc - v1.08 21/06/16
Redefine Selected Blocks - v1.10 21/06/16
Block Tidy - v1.19 25/06/16
Create Thumbnails - v1.07 01/12/15
Item Selector - v1.03 14/07/16
Show Block Attributes - v1.03 14/06/16
Auto Update - v1.07 19/07/16
IconCAD Client Specific Update - v1.04 08/09/16

IconCAD Version - v20.67