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This routine automates the process of creating a small JPG image. These images can then be uploaded to the Specs & Standards website and can then be used as the preview images in the Block Library.

Detailed Functionality

Please note that for this routine to work correctly, AutoCAD needs to have the 'PublishToWeb JPG.pc3 Printer/Plotter' configured to a 300 x 300 Pixels print setting. Please refer to the next section for guidance on configuring this plotter option.

Once you have successfully configured the above plotter option, from the Admin toolbar, click the 'Create Thumbnail' icon. The routine then goes through the following process:

  • Thaw and turn on all layers
  • Sets the current layer to 0
  • Zooms to the drawing extents
  • Draws a 'butterfly' symbol to indicate the Block's insertion point
  • Checks to see if this is a 3D drawing. If it is a 3D drawing, the viewpoint is changed to a 3D view
  • The JPG image is then created using the same name and in the same directory as the drawing
  • Finally, the 'butterfly' is erased.

Configuring the JPG Plotter

From the main AutoCAD menu, hover over the Print button and select Manage Plotters from the fly-out:


Double click the PublishToWeb JPG.pc3 file:


On the Device and Document Settings tab select Custom Paper Sizes and then click the Add button:


Select Start from Scratch then click Next:


Specify a Width and Height of 300 and then click Next:


Accept the default Paper Size Name by clicking Next:


Click Finish and the exit through the remaining dialogues:

Version History

1.07 - 01/12/15: Swapped "color" "7" for "chprop" "l" "" "C" "7" ""
1.06 - 30/11/15
: Removed deleting of attributes
1.05 - 05/03/12
: Shademode 2, erase last not undo b.
1.04 - 14/09/11
: IconSystem Version
1.00 - 17/09/10
: Initial Version.