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This routine exports a list of Blocks that are placed in the current drawing to a text file ready to upload to a Project Cost Estimate held in the IconSystem. The text file is created in 'Tab' separated format. As such, it is also readily readable by a number of applications, such as the IconBIM Revit Family Placer or Microsoft Excel.

Detailed Functionality

The routine first creates a text file of the same name as the current drawing, in the same folder as the current drawing (note that if a file of the same name already exists, it will be overwritten).

Next the routine steps through all Blocks currently displayed in drawing (note that any Blocks that are on layers that are 'Off' or 'Frozen' will not be processed) and for each Block writes the Block Name, Insertion Point, X Scale, Y Scale and Rotation Angle as a new line in the file created above.

Then, for example, Revit users can use this text file with the  IconBIM Revit Family Placer Add-In to place corresponding families in a Revit project. This, in effect, can automate the process of converting AutoCAD drawings into Revit Projects.

Version History

1.01 - 20/06/15: Reporting added
1.00 - 30/05/14
: Initial Release.