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This routine performs a 'client specific' pre-defined set of processes and checks on the current drawing. The routine is typically used to perform actions such as checking that Blocks are on correct layers, that certain Blocks are exploded, etc..

The checks, and any subsequent changes that are be made, are determined by the current Specs & Standards website that the routine is currently configured to use.

Detailed Functionality

 The routine then goes through the following process:

  • First the routine checks the current drawing space, if it is Paper Space the user is prompted to switch to Model Space before re-running the routine.
  • A check is then made to see if the IconCAD Add-In is running and if not, notifies the user accordingly
  • The routine then checks to see which IconSystem website the Add-In is currently configured to use and then displays the name to the user, e.g. IconSystem Demonstration Website.

From this point onwards, the routine will proceed based upon the pre-defined requirements for the currently configured site. During this process the user may be prompted for input and the routine will provide on-screen reporting as to what actions, if any, have been undertaken.

Certain Specs & Standards websites may have no Drawing Check option configured; if this is the case, the user will be notified accordingly.

Version History

1.13 - 11/04/17: Fixed minor bug that transpired when the user had not already run the Add / Update Links routine
1.12 - 30/03/17
: Block download authentication added; minor fix to reporting
1.10 - 10/06/16
: Implemented a rule that the drawing must be in Model Space before the routine will run. Layer states are now saved when the routine starts, then restored when it completes.
1.09 - 06/06/16
: Reworked process for ignoring Blocks
1.08 - 19/05/16
1.07 - 13/05/16
: Timer and counter added. Revised to only work with Blocks in the current space (i.e. paper space / model space)
1.06 - 13/04/16
: Updated the check to see that the Add-In is logged in to a Specs & Standards site before proceeding
1.05 - 11/04/16:
Updated to work with the new Invisible Domain Name Attribute (ref. Add / Update Links revision 1.08)
1.04 - 01/04/16
: Resolved issue where only one 'Explode_' Block was being exploded each time the routine was run
1.03 - 18/03/16
: Added a check for any Blocks in the drawing that are colour ByBLock, i.e. they were nested Blocks, to change them to ByLayer
1.01 - 11/03/16
: Revised to allow site-specific checks and updates to be performed
1.00 - 26/01/16: Initial version.