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In conjunction with an IconSystem Specs & Standards solution, the Block Library routine of the IconCAD Add-In allows you to search for and then drag-and-drop selected AutoCAD Blocks from the cloud-based solution, directly into your AutoCAD Drawing.

To perform a simple search, enter a Keyword and click the Search button; use the Advanced search options if required. Hover over an image to see a larger preview. Use 'Toggle Image Source' to flip between the photograph attached to the item data sheet and the image associated with the AutoCAD Block...

IconSystem AutoCAD Integration - Block Library Add-In

...when you're ready, click on an item then drag and drop it into AutoCAD.

Please Note: Before the Block Library starts, IconCAD makes a couple of checks to see if there are any program and / or client specific updates available. If any are available, they will automatically be installed.

Version History

2.2.0 - 20/05/16: Fixed issue where the 'on-hover' image enlargement was conflicting with the AutoCAD drop-down menus
2.1.0 - 13/04/16
: Updated interface. Drag and drop now inserts Block at an X and Y scale of 1, and rotation angle of 0 degrees
2.0.0 - 29/02/16
: Interface brought into line with the IconSystem CAD File Downloader Desktop App
1.2.0 - 29/10/15
: Update to the Block Library: if multiple Blocks are attached to an item, they are all made available
1.1.0 - 17/09/14: Implemented SHA256 authentication
1.0.1 - 27/03/14: Insert command forces redefining of Blocks already in the drawing; updated to stop the interface opening an additional windows each time the ribbon button is clicked
1.0.0 - 04/02/14
: Initial Version.